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Spécialistes de protection passive contre l'incendie



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Nos produits

La gamme de produits EXTHA constitue un ensemble exclusif de solutions techniques de protection passive contre l’incendie, répondant aux exigences réglementaires françaises et européennes.
Nos produits et systèmes sont issus de la recherche EXTHA. Nos panneaux, produits moulés, enduits, sont fabriqués dans notre usine.



In response to the requirements of French and European regulations (interdepartmental circular dated 29 March 2006 and Directive 2004/54/EC) covering fire protection in tunnels, Extha offers a complete range of sophisticated products for structures and underground infrastructures. Innovative products for all types of configuration: protective coatings and panels for structures, mortar, protective channels (cables, cable troughs, optical fibres) and protection of cable shafts.


Extha offers a specific response for the protection of structural elements within petrochemical facilities that are suitable for hydrocarbon fires (type UL 1709), with a very rapid rise in temperature, up to 1100°C.

Special applications

Some passive fire protection projects require existing solutions to be adapted, or the invention of solutions which meet particular requirements (enhanced fire résistance, special configurations etc.) Armed with its experience in product design, Extha offers to investigate the technical problems that you are facing in order to design appropriate technical solutions. In addition, the company has access to a test furnace, which enables us to accelerate the development process for these customised products and systems.
For any special requirements, please contact our R&D department.