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Spécialistes de protection passive contre l'incendie



Cultural centres


Paris | 2013-2014

Extha is currently taking part in the architectural and technical adventure of the Philharmonie de Paris, designed by Jean Nouvel in the parc de la Villette. Extha is supplying and installing the ventilation and smoke extraction ducts on this technically and logistically complex site, in the heart of Paris.

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Pôle Femme-Mère-Enfant, CHRU (Regional University Hospital Maternity, Women’s and Children’s Unit)

Saint-Pierre de la Réunion | 2010

Extha has had a branch on Réunion since 2009. In 2010, 3000m² of Extha ventilation and smoke extraction ducts were installed in the new Maternity, Women’s and Children’s Unit, an extension of the Regional University Hospital in Saint-Pierre de la Réunion. Extha has been responsible for all the logistics for this building work in a French overseas department.

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Airports, railway stations

Saint-Lazare Railway Station

Paris | 2011

6700m² of Extha panels for making horizontal and vertical smoke extraction and ventilation ducts have been installed inside Saint-Lazare station, when the main concourse was converted to a shopping mall. The station continued in operation during the building work.

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Blocks of flats and office blocks

Tours First (CB31)

Courbevoie, La Défense 1 | 2008-2011

During the latest refurbishment of the tower, Extha successfully completed the crib structure for cable troughs, and the two-hour and four-hour (EI 240) ventilation and smoke extraction fire resistant ducts (EI 120) after obtaining a fire safety certificate that guarantees the duct’s fire resistance under extreme exposure conditions.

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A86 West Tunnel

Yvelines, Paris | 2009

Extha is supplying and installing the N3 crib structures for the protection of electrical and optical fibre cable troughs under the A86 motorway; the specific requirements of this site meant that ad hoc testing was used, in order to guarantee an internal temperature lower than 100°C.

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